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If you’re searching for corporate wellness companies that offer high-quality company wellness programs, employee health plans, or staffing services then Wellness Coaches can provide your business or organization with some of the best workplace wellbeing programs and solutions available. We offer affordable corporate health, wellness, and nutrition programs for employers and organizations, and always deliver exceptional results through the power of human interaction, technology, and data analytics solutions. Our many corporate health and wellness programs and services are evidence-based using nutrition methods approved by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, allowing you to provide for the health and wellbeing of employees at your workplace.

Comprehensive, customized, and integrated wellness plans and health services to meet the unique needs of every organization, or employer and their employees.

Easy to access, all of our company wellness programs are delivered to the employee either onsite at the workplace or virtually at home.

Unique combination of employee health and wellness programs covering clinical, physical, nutritional, and emotional needs.

Many of our worksite wellness programs are covered by your health plans.

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Mental Health and Wellbeing

The Importance of Wellbeing in the Workplace

Fostering wellbeing in the workplace is an imperative endeavor that all businesses must pursue. A healthy and mentally-sound team of employees that participate in workplace wellness programs will not only be happier but more productive as well. Cultivating a healthy workplace culture through company wellness programs and plans will create a ripple effect that leads to a myriad of other positive benefits, as several case studies have demonstrated the improvements that employees have made upon working with corporate wellness companies like Wellness Coaches.


Numerous Healthy Living Programs for Employees

No matter what industry your company is in, Wellness Coaches has a wide range of corporate health, wellness, and nutrition programs to help you improve the wellbeing of your staff. Some of the employee health and wellness programs we can provide your workplace with include the following services:


Healthy Ways app

Wellness Programs for the Workplace With The Wellness Coaches App

Using next-generation technology and programming, Wellness Coaches can bring corporate health and wellness programs to your workplace digitally with the corporate health, wellness, and nutrition programs available on the Healthy Ways Wellness App. As technology has become more integrated into the healthcare industry, so too have workplace wellness and wellbeing programs.

Upon downloading this application, which is also available on desktop, those in your workplace will have access to a plethora of digital healthy living programs for employees. From a program that sets important reminders to help schedule appointments to a fitness tracking system that allows users to compete with one another in various fitness contests, this versatile application will be an excellent tool in promoting the health and wellbeing of employees at your office space.

Keep Your Employees Healthy With Corporate Health, Wellness, and Nutrition Programs

Now, more than ever, employees need personalized wellness programs for the workplace to overcome stress and anxiety, boost their immune systems through proper nutrition habits, and manage competing responsibilities. Our Wellness Coaches and Registered Dietitians are available via Telehealth, at no cost under many employee health plans.

To learn more information regarding Wellness Coaches’ many corporate health, wellness, and nutrition programs, contact us today for details on our exceptional worksite wellness programs.

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