COVID-19 Return to Work Solutions for Employers & Employees

As we all begin to transition back to work, Wellness Coaches is working around the clock with our industry partners to offer key COVID-19 related services and support to help protect everyone’s health and well-being. Below you will find a list of our most popular solutions.

COVID-19 Testing

COVID Compliance Officer

Temperature Screening

On-Site Nursing Services

COVID-19 testing
Temporal Screening

Wellness Coaching

Nutrition & Condition Management

Healthy Ways Virtual Platform

Biometric Screenings & Flu Shots

Temporal Screening

COVID-19 Testing

Antigen Testing

We will have equipment to provide highvolume throughput onsite that provides results within 15 minutes. The antigen test detects the presence of viral COVID19 proteins and determines if the patient currently has the COVID19 infection. Results will be analyzed with onsite medical staff.

PCR Test

A nasal or oral swab sample that is sent to a lab to determine results. After receiving the sample, the lab delivers results in 2472 hours. The lab tests for the active presence of the virus’ genetic material and determines if the subject currently has the COVID19 infection. We have contracted with highquality labs that have been vetted to be able to deliver all results in a timely and streamlined way. 

Serology (Antibody) Test

Measures an immune response or antibodies, which are disease-specific proteins. Antibodies for the virus can be present even if the individual did not have symptoms of the infection.

COVID Compliance Officer


Employee and site compliance with CDC and state guidelines, COVID exposure and testing, PPE, hygiene and sanitation, social distancing.

Tracking & Reporting

Monitoring, tracking and reporting site COVID statistics, PPE inventory, and more.

Best Practices

Develop and implement best practices for following CDC and state guidelines for health and safety during COVID-19 and the return to work.

Support For Your Team

Integrates into your existing teams and processes to support safety, department and shift meetings, and site-wide communications.

Registered Nursing services also available.

Temperature Screenings

Onsite Screenings

Provided by technicians or nurses in full personal protective equipment delivering no-touch screenings via thermogun.

Virtual Daily Symptom Tracker

Easy-to-use, web-based and mobile optimized. Daily questionnaire takes less than a minute to complete. The tracker informs the employee if they are safe to proceed to work, or if they should remain home. Employer notification and reporting.

Advanced Thermal Imaging Kiosk

Compact design, simple set-up with 7” LCD display. Screens employees in 2-3 seconds and can inform management immediately of a fevered employee or guest. Measurement accuracy within 0.5°F

Mass Fever Detection Surveillance System

Dual Thermal and Video Camera with accuracy ±0.6°F and can analyze up to 30 subjects simultaneously.

Onsite Nursing Services

COVID compliance and screenings.

Develops protocols for symptom identification and management.

Provides healthcare guidance, counseling and education.

Reviews employee lab and biometric testing results.

Triage care, CPR & First Aid.

Any other customized healthcare needs.

Continuing Care Wellness Services

Wellness Coaching (Onsite and Virtual)

Healthcare professional providing critical behavior change coaching to improve the overall well-being of your population by reducing employee health risks and workplace injuries.

Coaches provide support for physical activity, weight management, tobacco cessation, blood pressure, stress management, and resiliency for healthier habits.

Nutrition Services (Onsite and Virtual)

Registered Dietitians providing evidence-based Nutrition Counseling and condition management.

Biometric Screenings

A simple screening process for our clients. Onsite screenings, offsite screenings and physician submission services. Lab vouchers also available.

Flu Shots

Influenza vaccine provided onsite by registered nurses. Lab vouchers also available.

Healthy Ways Virtual Coaching Platform

Healthy Ways customizable platform Wellness resources, wearable device syncing, chat with your Coach, incentive management and reporting.

Private video sessions with a Wellness Coach Confidential, HIPAA protected 1-on-1 sessions with your Wellness Coach.

Group Engagement Activities

Group support for committing to personal well-being, and available virtually or onsite.

Topics include mindfulness, resiliency, self-care, boosting immunity, physical fitness, diabetes prevention and management, and much more.

Activities include mindful deep breathing and meditation sessions, guided stretching and exercise demonstrations, corporate wellness challenges, tobacco cessation classes, and much more.

Are you looking for personalized support?

Our Wellness Coaches and Registered Dietitians are now available via Telehealth. Now, more than ever, employees will need personalized support to overcome stress and anxiety, boost their immune systems through proper nutrition habits, and manage competing responsibilities.

Best of all, our Telehealth services are now available at no cost under many health plans.

We’re always looking for great talent!

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We’re always looking for great talent!

View job openings here.