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Diabetes Management

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Corporate Health & Wellness and Nutrition Services

Wellness Coaches delivers affordable healthcare services for employers and exceptional results through the power of human interaction and technology and data analytics solutions. Our services are evidence-based using nutrition methods approved by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Comprehensive, customized and integrated health services to meet the unique needs of every employer and their employees.

Easy to access, all solutions are delivered to the employee either onsite at the workplace or virtually at home.

Unique combination of solutions covering clinical, physical, nutritional and emotional needs.

Many solutions are covered by your health plans.

Healthcare services for employers
Coaches and Registered Dietitians

Coaches and Registered Dietitians

Smart Technology

Smart Technology

Clinical Services

Clinical Services

Healthcare services for employers

Testing Options

Best in Class Onsite Point of Care Testing

We have experience with all the top rapid antigen and molecular tests, including Quidel Sofia, Abbott BinaxNOW, Abbott ID Now, Beckton Dickinson, CUE, and Accula. Lab based PCR testing is also available.

At-Home Rapid Antigen and PCR Testing

As part of our healthcare services for employers, we offer the top at-home rapid antigen tests including Abbott BinaxNOW, Quidel QuickVue, and CareStart as well as the highest quality lab-based PCR tests.

Healthcare services for employers

A Complete System for Point of Care Testing

Our offering is turn-key and includes:

State of the Art Technology: Includes preregistration, scheduling, reporting, and real-time delivery of results.

Full Onsite Deployment Capabilities: We offer a customized array of fixed based and mobile testing options to accommodate any logistical needs.

Experienced Medical and Clinical Staff: Services are delivered via highly trained and licensed healthcare professionals who administer sample collection as well as provide medical and clinical oversight. The team has a nationwide network of over 4,500 licensed healthcare professionals.

Comprehensive Reporting: In real-time, participants are notified via email that results are available from a secure, HIPAA compliant portal. Nurse and physician consultations are also included.

State and Federal Health Systems Integration: Testing results and statistical information are reported to state and federal government health agencies via our technology solution.

Think ahead.

How will you keep your employees healthy after the pandemic?


Now, more than ever, employees need personalized support to overcome stress and anxiety, boost their immune systems through proper nutrition habits, and manage competing responsibilities. Our Wellness Coaches and Registered Dietitians are now available via Telehealth, at no cost under many health plans.

Healthcare services for employers

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