Whatever “it” is,

we’re here to support you.

With deployment in as little as 7 days, our suite of solutions for COVID-19 ensures that you can prioritize health and wellbeing in every situation, no matter how unique.

Rapid Deployment

 On location 75% faster than the competition.

Rapid Testing

Results in 15 minutes enabling 100s of “it” events.

Available Everywhere

 1000’s of COVID-19 tests in every state, every day.

COVID-19 Testing

Antigen Testing Equipment provides high-volume throughput on-site that provides results within 15 minutes.

PCR Tests Nasal or oral swab samples provide lab-delivered results in 24-72 hours.

Serology (Antibody) Tests Measure immune response or antibodies, which can be present without symptoms of infection.

COVID Compliance Officers

Compliance Employee and site compliance with CDC and state guidelines, COVID exposure and testing, PPE, sanitation, and social distancing.

Tracking & Reporting Monitoring and tracking statistics, inventory, and more.

Best Practices & Team Support Integrate best practices into your existing teams and processes to support safety and communications.

On-Site Nursing Services

COVID compliance & screenings

Develops protocols for symptom identification and management

Provides healthcare guidance, counseling and education

Reviews employee lab and biometric testing results

Triage care, CPR & First Aid

Customized healthcare needs

Symptom Screening Technology

Fast, easy, and versatile symptom screening and
optional metal detection

Daily Symptom and Temperature Tracking

Thermal Imaging Kiosk

Think ahead.
How will you keep your employees healthy after COVID-19?


Now, more than ever, employees need personalized support to overcome stress and anxiety,
boost their immune systems through proper nutrition habits, and manage competing
responsibilities. Our Wellness Coaches and Registered Dietitians are now available via
Telehealth, at no cost under many health plans.