Ashley Facciolo

Ashley Facciolo

Engaging employees in a comprehensive health and wellness program can be challenging during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s not impossible.

To get started and sustain momentum with employees onsite and at home, I’ve tried some interesting and effective ways to engage with them. I’ve found that it’s small, consistent behaviors that are having a big impact on the well-being of the people I’ve been coaching. Coaching helps provide accountability and a constant reminder that self-care is not selfish—it’s a priority that we need to maintain work and home life balance.

Below are some ideas and tips I’ve used in my coaching over the last few months. I hope some of these ideas will inspire you to think of wellness as an ongoing lifestyle, not a journey with an end date.

Walking Meetings

There are always some meetings that could have been an email, but what about making them a workout? After meeting on Zoom for the first session, I encourage any employee who has a goal of adding more movement to their day to take our calls outside (weather permitting), or even just walk around their house while we talk.

Moving around helps provide a break in the day from sitting, lets them get some fresh air, and adds exercise—all while discussing ways to add more wellness to their day-to-day routine.

Zoom Cooking Classes

While we can’t send a personal chef to your house, we can help you learn new recipes and techniques in the kitchen! I have used Zoom cooking classes as a team-building activity, using a recipe voted on by the group and then teaching each step of the recipe as everyone cooks together.

At the end, the group can sit and enjoy a snack while taking a few minutes to check in with each other. Another option is to use a recorded recipe-building video to show how to make healthy substitutions in meals.

Holistic Well-Being

When you think of wellness, things like health, diet, and exercise typically come to mind. In addition to these topics, I like to focus on kindness, self-care, and community.

In my coaching, I’ve created videos, shared articles, and posted inspirational pictures and quotes as part of a Wellness Wednesday theme focused on kindness and caring for yourself and others. These topics help people show up for themselves and others, even when working from home or dealing with high stress.

Virtual Guided Meditations

Guided meditation is a way to use your breath to anchor yourself in the present moment and provide a sense of calm and stress relief. We provide short, 8-10–minute sessions via Microsoft Teams or Zoom for live meditation throughout the day, so employees can join from any location or time zone.

Wellness Breaks

Meetings can often take over the day. Adding 10-15 minutes of a wellness break during a meeting is a great way to refresh the whole team! I offer a list of “Wellness Break” ideas, from meditation to stretching to lunch-and-learn sessions, that managers can choose from and add to their weekly, monthly, or quarterly meetings.

Don’t Forget About Nutrition

As a Wellness Coach, there are some employees with needs outside of my scope—and many of them can be addressed with simple changes to daily nutritional habits.

Wellness Coaches offers Nutrition Counseling with a Registered Dietitian as a covered preventive benefit under many health plans. This service can be combined with Wellness Coaching for other healthy lifestyle behaviors to help employees meet their nutritional needs and expand their support system. With a Registered Dietitian and a Wellness Coach supporting them, employees are even more empowered to make a positive change.

Contact us today to learn how our team of healthcare professionals can help your employees find work-life balance through better self-care.