COVID-19 continues to affect our daily lives, and for many of us, it has even changed everything about how we work and the support employees need. Wellness Coaches’ COO, Justin Thomas, reflects on the new trends in workplace health and wellness and how brokers can better support their clients during a pandemic and beyond.

How will COVID-19 forever impact health and wellness programs?

With everything going virtual or online, employees will continue to need the flexibility of online wellness coaches, telemedicine, and even resources like smoking cessation mobile apps long after the pandemic. Also proving to be a mainstay: online employee participation activities, like wellness challenges and team building games, are helping to encourage connections and provide a sense of community in this new era of working remotely.

COVID-19 has not only affected how we access resources, it’s also caused drastic lifestyle changes, leading mental health resources to become an important part of future corporate health and wellness offerings, with the same level of demand as nutrition and wellness coaching.

What trends have you been seeing in your industry?

More digital resources to help lower stress levels and improve sleep. There’s also been a higher demand for virtual wellness challenges and education with exercise apps and videos, digital weight loss trackers, and online nutrition counseling.

Of course, due to COVID-19, telemedicine services are on the rise. And aside from testing and temperature screenings, online training, compliance officers, and on-site nursing services are very popular. There’s also been more interest in flu shots than in previous years.

But ultimately, corporate wellness programs aren’t just about preventative care and biometric screenings anymore. There’s a shift towards more holistic programs that encompass all aspects of health and wellness, from stress management and meditation, to tailored health portals that offer a variety of solutions based on an individual’s needs.

What can brokers do to better support their clients’ health and wellness needs right now?

Companies may still be struggling with the quick pivot to working remotely, or supporting an on-site workforce safely during a pandemic, leading many employers to be more reactionary than proactive in supporting their workforce.

Brokers can better support their clients by having resources in place with the right combination of online health and wellness offerings as well as COVID-19 testing and prevention measures.

We’ve helped brokers, as well as FEMA, the State of Florida, and the Department of Health and Human Services with successful deployments of COVID-19 testing, screenings and more. We also have experience in on-site testing logistics for businesses with multiple locations nationwide.

The bottom line is that brokers need to get ahead of their clients’ questions by lining up expert resources that can respond quickly and efficiently, so when your clients need to pivot again, you’re ready.

Be Ready For What’s Next

Wellness Coaches’ TeleHealth Solutions are just one example of how we’re responding to new challenges in workplace health and wellness. We’re ready to help brokers and businesses respond quickly to workforce needs with a customized COVID-19 solutions package. Contact us today to learn more.