According to a Harvard Business Review article, managing health data as a strategic asset can inform sound operational decisions and foster positive attitudinal changes (September 29, 2020). A robust digital health platform such as Healthy Ways® can serve as the cornerstone for achieving this type of organization-wide shift; it delivers real-time insights and accessible analytics reports which can be leveraged to benefit the organization.

It has become increasingly common for a robust suite of well-being programs to be considered part of corporate responsibility. These programs focus on health and wellness, and may comprise nutrition services, tobacco cessation, injury prevention, and mindfulness. Offering these programs to employees across several modalities (in person, virtual, and digital) can improve population health, increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, and limit turnover.

The programs that have the potential to be most impactful are those that offer significant customization; some participants seek more personal interactions and utilize the digital platform like a resource library; others prefer mostly digital service and forego person to person support. As participants interact with the Healthy Ways® digital platform, their unique profiles become more customized. This ensures that they receive personalized content informed by evidence-based practices, and that they continue to engage, which improves the employees’ health and delivers more robust data analytics to the organization.

Companies that partner with Wellness Coaches and utilize Healthy Ways® can reap significant benefits both for individual employees and for the organization as a whole. Learn more here.