Healthy Ways® benefits individuals as well enhances both individual and organizational health. By pairing next generation technology with onsite, personalized wellness services, Wellness Coaches boosts employee population health while improving the organization through enhanced productivity.

Healthy Ways® features include:

  • The smartest technology available to give employees a holistic view of their overall health
  • Dynamically delivered and personalized content unique to each participant
  • The right information delivered to the right individual at the right time
  • A living health assessment that is constantly updated with each engagement
  • Participants connect with a live Wellness Coach and/or Registered Dietitian
  • Easy-to-use analytics and administrative tools for real-time view into population health
  • All-in-one place for gamification options including incentives and contests

Companies across America are embracing their responsibility to strengthen population health, particularly with the toll the pandemic has taken on overall health – and healthcare costs.

Employees are looking to their employer for help and expectations have risen for companies to provide state-of-the-art workplace wellness programs.

Pair our best-in-class digital platform, Healthy Ways®, with the personal touch of trained healthcare professionals to improve outcomes and reduce costs immediately.