Corporate Wellness Nutrition President Krista Yoder Latortue, Highlights Importance of Registered Dietitians

More and more companies are offering wellness programs for their employees, particularly as corporate social responsibility becomes the norm. These initiatives are considered essential parts of employee population health, and they can and should include nutrition services.

When examining a nutrition program, access is one of the most important factors to consider. Many insurance plans include multiple sessions with a Registered Dietitian, but, until recently, these were often not utilized by participants. Fortunately, that is changing. By including a comprehensive nutrition program in a health benefits plan, companies are removing one barrier to accessing these services, (I.e. cost) and fostering greater employee population health.

Another essential element of a sound nutrition services program is the assurance that participants can easily access the nutrition expert, their Registered Dietitian. By offering nutrition counseling virtually, companies avoid “leaving the benefit on the table” because participants are more likely to access the services due to convenience and logistical ease.

At Corporate Wellness Nutrition, we use only Registered Dietitians, and this is to uphold the best practices and highest standards of care. Our RDs undergo rigorous training and credentialling and are required to attend continuing education programs regularly to ensure that we are delivering the most evidence-based, proven methods. The Academy of Medicine recognizes Registered Dietitians as the only qualified nutrition experts to be reimbursed by health insurance plans, and we take that responsibility quite seriously.

We found that demand for our services skyrocketed during the pandemic as people often struggled to maintain healthy nutrition habits. There was an increase in snacking as people pivoted to work from home, an uptick in stress eating, and people sought support in controlling these habits. In addition, there was tremendous interest in the concept of “food as medicine”, with people looking for ways to boost their immune systems through better nutrition. Taking control of your nutrition is incredibly empowering, and while many of our clients were initially prompted to seek our support to combat the challenges related to the pandemic, they have remained engaged because they saw how beneficial the services are.

We know there is a lot of information out there and it can be really confusing. Our approach is to simplify. Everyone eats, and everyone has opinions about food and nutrition. We develop an optimal, sustainable plan for everyone through proven, evidence-based methods, and we remain engaged to support each client over time to achieve their best health.

To learn more about how to help your employees achieve better health with a Registered Dietitian, please visit our Nutrition Services page