Brokers – Remind your Clients National Diabetes Awareness Month is this November!

Reduce the Financial Burden of Diabetes: Improve Your Clients’ Workforce Health with Nutrition Services through Healthy Ways®

According to the Centers for Disease Control, Diabetes affects 10.5% of the U.S. population. As diabetes rates continue to climb, so the costs to U.S. business are expected to increase. Help your clients reduce the financial burden of diabetes by introducing Nutrition Services through a digital health platform to manage their workforce health. November marks National Diabetes Awareness Month, so start a conversation today about Wellness Coaches Healthy Ways®, a ground-breaking new approach to managing employee population health.

Workplace Wellness Reimagined:

Healthy Ways® is a next-generation digital health platform. Our technology combines the power of predictive analytics, machine, learning, rules engines, and more than 3500 algorithms to provide dynamic and accessible resources. Through deep customization yet simple navigation, our platform helps your clients put the wellbeing of their employee population in perfect focus.

Healthy Ways® is different because it begins with personal guidance and high-quality information from our team of credentialled Wellness Coaches and Registered Dietitians.

Our platform offers your clients a comprehensive wellness program that improves corporate health; lowers healthcare costs and keeps your clients’ employees engaged. Healthy Ways® creates a tight relationship with your clients employees as it adapts to their evolving needs over time.

Our Track Record of Success:

Wellness Coaches’ track record of success speaks for itself:

85% of eligible employees who have engaged with Wellness Coaches programs have sustained their engagement every year for the past 15 years.

76% of coached employees have improved BMI due to Wellness Coaches programs

Your Clients May Reap Financial Payback:

Wellness Coaches programs have enabled clients to enjoy significant savings including:

27% reduction in medical and RX claims among targeted employee populations due to our programs.

A $58 reduction in the average RX cost per script with coaching ($117) versus the RX cost per script without coaching ($175).

To find out how Nutrition Services through Healthy Ways® can not only retain but also grow your client list, visit