National Diabetes Month Spotlights Disease, Creates Opportunity for Workplace Diabetes Support and Sunday, November 14 is World Diabetes Day. The special occasion is observed in 160 countries around the world, and spotlights the health threats posed by this disease. It is held on November 14 to honor the birthday of Sir Fredrick Banting, the medical scientist who discovered insulin.

November is National Diabetes Month, a time when communities across the country raise awareness about the disease. For HR professionals, that means focusing on how best to accommodate and protect employees with this illness, while ensuring productivity and compliance. Workplace diabetes support isn’t just a nice accommodation in today’s environment, The American Diabetes Association deems it as an imperative.

Why is Workplace Diabetes Support so important?

  • People with prediabetes who do not implement a lifestyle change could develop type 2 diabetes within five years.
  • If current trends continue, the number of adults with diabetes is projected to double or triple by 2050.
  • Medical expenditures for people (and their employers!) with diabetes are more than double those without diabetes with the annual average cost of diabetes $16,650 annually per person.

Diabetes services also present an opportunity to provide support, screening, prevention and treatment services, and create a community of inclusion. The surest way to achieve success is to offer comprehensive access to resources via both personal and digital means.


Wellness Coaches offers Diabetes Self Management Education and Support provided by certified diabetes care and education Specialists. Our diabetes specialists provide expert guidance to help individuals manage blood sugar and prevent or delay diabetes related complications. Sessions are patient-led and focused on educating individuals on proper diabetes self care, blood glucose monitoring, healthy eating, physical activity, healthy coping, and problem solving strategies. Each session is designed to help individuals make long-term changes in their eating habits and lifestyle to meet their personal health and wellness goals and improve clinical markers.


Our Healthy Ways® digital health platform combines the power of human interaction with state-of-the-art technology. Our Registered Dietitians provide proven solutions to support individuals with diabetes and pre-diabetes, and our custom curated content ensures that participants receive material of interest and relevance to them. One app serves as the gateway to a world of wellness, delivering our full suite of services to all connected devices. Healthy Ways® provides a one-of-a-kind solution that offers highly personalized wellness plans, services and information for every employee in your workforce.

Powered by Wellness Coaches, the leading provider of workplace health, safety and well-being solutions, Healthy Ways® delivers expert guidance that is tuned to each employee’s precise needs and health history via state-of-the-art machine learning.

Get EEOC comprehensive guidance on disclosures, confidentiality, and required accommodations for people with diabetes.

For information on how to bring Nutrition Services and Healthy Ways® to your workplace for National Diabetes Month and beyond, visit our Corporate Wellness Nutrition Services page.