Don’t Fall Victim to “The Great Resignation.”

The Great ResignationIt’s been called “The Great Resignation.” The US Department of Labor Statistics reports that in the month of September, 2021, (the latest statistics available) more than 4.4 million people quit their jobs. McKinsey & Company recognizes the issue, and in an article by DeSmet et al, offers cautionary advice to employers who think a well-intentioned quick-fix such a as a bonus will address the problem.

Increasingly, employees are questioning the value of their work, the culture of their workplaces, their senses of purpose, the authenticity of their collegial relationships and the work-life balance. The extended work-from-home experience has brought about a demand for greater flexibility, a desire for true human connection, and a need to feel valued and appreciated.

Employers have an opportunity to embrace these new priorities, and those who do will reap the benefits of attracting and retaining talent. But this will require a paradigm shift in how they view their workforce. The McKinsey article summarizes the disconnect:

“Employees were far more likely to prioritize relational factors, whereas employers were likely to focus on transactional ones.” Taking an authentic interest in individuals, creating opportunities for team building and socializing to foster true connections, and validating employees is seen as far more critical than mere financial consideration.”

In order to create a positive workplace culture, many proactive business leaders are implementing comprehensive programs to deliver health and wellness services. These may include nutrition counseling provided by Registered Dietitians, smoking cessation support, injury prevention coaching, stress management and resilience training, and various other self-care offerings. This is an effective way for companies and organizations to demonstrate a commitment to their employees’ well-being.

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