Heart Health Employees

We Wear Red to Support Heart Health.

National Wear Red Day is supported by the American Heart Association as a way to raise awareness of women’s heart disease and stroke risks and to support heart health. These risks can present differently in women than men and may be mistaken for other ailments or minor illnesses. For women, heart attack symptoms may include chest pain, pain or pressure in the upper abdomen, jaw, neck, or upper back pain, nausea/vomiting, shortness of breath, fainting, indigestion, and extreme fatigue. Check out a detailed comparison of men’s vs women’s symptoms. With strokes, there are also gender differences with regard to symptoms; women experience generalized weakness and mental status change, while men commonly present tingling, loss of muscle control, and double vision; for a full discussion. View the NIH paper.

Cardiovascular disease is to blame for one in three deaths in women, making it the leading cause of health-related death among women. According to the American Heart Association, 80% of cardiovascular illnesses, including heart disease and stroke, are considered preventable with regular physical activity, a healthy diet, and avoiding tobacco. For this reason, observations like National Wear Red Day, which emphasizes health, wellness, and empowerment, are an effective way to reduce cardiovascular illness and death.

Many proactive companies recognize the importance of heart health and are embracing their corporate social responsibilities by providing access to health and wellness services to their employees. These programs can greatly improve population health and mitigate the risk factors that contribute to cardiovascular illness, heart attacks, and strokes. When companies offer benefits such as Nutritional Counseling Services with Registered Dietitians, Tobacco Cessation Support, Health and Wellness Coaching, and Resilience Training, they see significant value on investment and their employees are healthier, happier, and more productive.

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