Digital Health Apps Are Healthy

Harvard Business Review reports that health apps make people healthier, but all digital health platforms are NOT created equal. The FDA provides an overview of digital health.

As businesses strive to offer a comprehensive suite of professional health and wellness services to their employees, they must select a digital health platform that delivers the essentials along with differentiating best-in-class features.

Digital Health Platform Essentials

A robust digital health platform can serve as the cornerstone for optimizing individual health, employee population health, and organizational health. When choosing the right system, the following are essential requirements:

  • 100% HIPAA compliance
  • Compatibility with all health apps, wearable, and home monitoring devices
  • A single-source platform for condition management, clinical care, nutrition services, injury prevention, biometrics, lab services, mental health, coaching, and wellness.
  • A smooth interface that captures data from all sources including health claims, prescriptions, biometrics, etc.

digital health app Healthy WaysPROPEL: Features of the Best-in-Class Digital Health Platform

While all reputable digital health platform providers deliver the essentials, there are some features that are true differentiators. These elements have the capacity to PROPEL individual, employee population, and organizational health. They include:

  • People behind the technology: The human touch is critical and should form the backbone of a best-in-class digital health platform. In a top-tier platform, health care professionals implement evidence-based practices in behavior-change methodology to encourage engagement and achieve positive outcomes.
  • Reminders: Providing ongoing reminders of health and wellness commitments ensures that participants engage and optimize outcomes and reach health goals.
  • Original, customized content: The depth and breadth of the content library is of major importance, and must be managed by a team of healthcare professionals. The expertly-curated, wide variety of material is delivered in the form of accessible, digital cards. This system ensures that all participants receive unique, relevant, useful resources to address their individual health profiles, risks, and areas of interest.
  • Personalization engine: Sophisticated metrics must continuously analyze participants’ usage so that the platform responds appropriately to their everchanging needs and wants.
  • Engagement: As participants interact regularly with the platform, they are encouraged to cultivate healthier habits, and as a result, they achieve better overall health. Best of all, engagement and outcomes soar when best-in-class technology is paired with the human touch. Trained healthcare professionals deliver both virtual and on-site services, which eliminates barriers to care and maximizes participation for all.
  • Living Health Risk Assessment: This ongoing “conversation” enables participants to assess their health in the moment compared with the initial evaluation, providing real-time data on their progress.

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