Prepare for Flu Season 2022 Now

Since the start of the pandemic, healthcare practitioners have counseled that flu vaccinations remain a priority. According to the Cleveland Clinic, it is imperative that people get their annual flu shot. During the lockdown in 2020, the flu season was “unusually quiet,” which precipitated low levels of immunity to Influenza. This phenomenon has longer-term ramifications for the 2021-2022 and subsequent flu seasons. Generally, the CDC recommends patients receive the flu vaccine by the end of October to provide optimal protection and ongoing immunity. Because COVID-19 variants and the flu virus are both present, many people want to heed the suggestions to begin receiving flu vaccinations in late August and September. We expect demand to be higher than usual and earlier than usual for Flu Season 2022.

Flu Season 2022 Ahead

There is an expectation that both COVID-19 and Influenza may co-exist. In January 2022, the first documented case of a double COVID and Flu infection was identified in Israel in an unvaccinated patient. According to The Atlantic, however, coinfections of COVID and Influenza were recorded in the US in New York City as early as 2020.

The statistics are concerning, but prudent leaders can take steps to mitigate risk and protect their teams by offering on-site workplace flu vaccine clinics.

Pre-Booking a Clinic Now for Flu Season 2022 Offers the Following Advantages:

  • Safeguards against potential supply chain delays
  • Secures advantageous pricing while supply is at higher levels
  • Ensures sufficient flu vaccine inventory for the organization
  • Encourages people to be vaccinated, which protects individuals, the team, and the community at large

Wellness Coaches delivers turnkey services, including all equipment and logistics from pre-registration thru delivery of vaccine, and we store, handle, prepare and administer vaccine allotment under the strictest CDC and manufacturer guidelines. We can offer indoor, outdoor, and mobile clinics, and deploy highly-trained healthcare professionals to staff the clinics. See our guide to learn how to schedule your clinic now so that your organization is protected later.