Wellbeing Challenges at Work: Businessman Walking Through Modern Office Checking Health Data On Smart WatchThe numbers don’t lie:

  • 77% of employers say lack of engagement is the biggest obstacle to changing behavior.
  • 42% of employees do not feel that their company truly cares about their health and wellbeing.

The good news is there is a solution to this disconnect: wellbeing challenges. These initiatives encourage health, activity, and fitness. They can unite teams toward shared goals, such as better nutritional habits or increased physical activity. Programs like these are a crucial part of health and wellness programs and can help motivate employees toward better health through group support, encouragement, and shared experience. The CDC offers advice for employers seeking to promote physical activity in the workplace.

WebMD also offers ideas for workplace wellbeing challenges, which span nutrition, fitness, community engagement, financial wellness, mindfulness, volunteerism, and social justice advocacy.

Workplace wellbeing challenges help improve business performance by empowering employees to live more purposeful, happier lives. These activities optimize vitality on the job and in their personal lives. To promote and reinforce behavior change for health and happiness, people need:

  • emotional motivation
  • realistic goals
  • tools to help them achieve
  • commitment to continue action

The most successful programs are customized to address the specific goals and concerns of an organization and meet people where they are. Learn more about our Wellbeing Challenges.

Categories for Wellbeing Challenges

Wellbeing challenges come in many forms, but the main categories include:

  • Movement: motivating ideas to incorporate physical activity into daily life, such as step counts, walking meetings, and fitness logs
  • Nutrition: programs to encourage healthier eating, such as fresh fruit in the snack room, hydration awareness, group cooking classes
  • Self-care: stress management, mindfulness programs, work-life balance support
  • Decision-making: financial literacy, healthy relationship strategies, career goals

Wellness Coaches can help plan your program and tailor the messaging to support your organization’s specific needs and goals. For more detailed information about these offerings, download our Wellbeing Challenges Catalog.