Wellness Calendars Appeal to Visual Learners

Can Deliver Better Health Outcomes

woman using wellness calendar

Health Literacy refers to how well a person understands and uses health resources. It determines the decisions people make about their health and is a key component in delivering favorable outcomes. CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) provides guidelines for health providers and educators, which advise that visual communication can benefit all audiences. They recommend that organizations offer “accurate, accessible, and actionable health information” to advance health literacy. In addition to publishing educational materials online, “Multiple channels and formats are best.”

Recognizing that addressing health literacy is key to delivering effective health and wellness programs in the workplace, Wellness Coaches has developed a customizable Wellness Calendar. The calendar is designed in accordance with CDC’s Literacy recommendations: “Visuals can make the presentation of complex information easier to comprehend and more attractive. They can also reinforce written or spoken health messages”[2]

The Wellness Calendar is therefore packed with inspiring images to capture the reader’s attention and convey meaningful wellness messaging.

Calendars are a Gateway to Wellness Communications

As a nationally acknowledged leader in wellness coaching services, Wellness Coaches has devised a powerful tool to encourage healthier habits. The calendar can easily be customized in terms of its design and content to promote specific messages, events, partners, and programs.

According to Amy Cohen, Wellness Coaches’ Director of Wellbeing Strategy, “We know that people differ in their learning styles and how they absorb and process educational information. The 2023 Live Inspired Wellness Calendar checks the boxes for many different types of learners, especially visual learners, across the spectrum of health literacy. By appealing to multiple learning modalities, a calendar is an effective tool that inspires lifestyle modification and action steps toward healthier behaviors.”

To find out about the Wellness Calendar in time for 2023 Open Enrollment visit: https://wellnesscoachesusa.com/wellness-calendar/