workplace wellness

the Returns on Wellbeing Institute (ROWI) and sponsored by The Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) identifies the evidence-based wellbeing practices that deliver measurable results on such programs. The Report, entitled Workplace Wellness: Best Practices Study 2022, surveyed 18 standout companies about what they are doing right and combined this data with existing research to identify the key elements of an effective workplace wellness program.

Rising health care costs and increasing demand for wellness services have placed employee wellness programs under intense scrutiny. A new report published by

Six factors in the Workplace Wellness report are singled out:

  • A strategic approach with a focus on planning
  • Accountability and measurement on returns
  • Leadership support
  • A healthy workplace culture
  • Purposeful culture
  • A Whole Person approach that prioritizes mental health support

Within the category of “Leadership Support,” the report drills down into how management can best ensure buy-in to wellness programs within their organization. In addition to demonstrating a personal commitment to wellbeing and mental health, management should ensure effective communications as a priority. The ROWI/WELCOA report states that: “Consistent and strategic communication is the most effective way to convey the array of wellness program amenities across the company”. As part of an effective and “robust wellness communications strategy,” the study advocates for the inclusion of wellness newsletters featuring messages from management.

Increased Effectiveness in Wellness Communications

As a nationally acknowledged leader in wellness coaching services, Wellness Coaches has devised a set of powerful tools to spread the word about healthier habits. These tools include the 2023 Live Inspired Wellness Calendar, which encourages lifestyle modification and healthier behaviors. The Calendar is readily customizable in terms of design and content to promote specific messages, events, partners, and programs. Furthermore, Wellness Coaches creates workplace wellness newsletters that are 100% personalized to an organization’s needs.

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