Employee Wellness for multiethnic group of workers

The Returns on Wellbeing Institute (ROWI) has released an important new report, Workplace Wellness: Best Practices Study 2022. Between 2018 and 2021, ROWI partnered with WELCOA, the Wellness Council of America, to identify best practice data and evidence-based recommendations for workplace wellness programs that generate “meaningful bottom line business returns.”

The report’s conclusions are powerful. The case studies illustrate how integrated employee wellness programs are foundational to a company’s success. Pre-pandemic wellness programs may have been regarded as a perk, but not in today’s world. This study forcefully demonstrates that a comprehensive, integrated approach to employee population health yields results.

ROWI recognizes multiple categories as best practice determinants:

  • strategic planning, accountability, and leadership support
  • a healthy workplace culture
  • organizational purpose
  • a reframing of traditional wellness programs

Whole Person Approach is Key to Employee Wellness

The report’s authors stress the importance of “evidence-based best practices that can help workforces achieve whole person health.” Wellness Coaches has long endorsed the Whole Person Health approach to workplace wellness, prioritizing the development of Mental Health support services, including Mental Health First Aid training alongside traditional coaching services. The Company has adopted an evolved, interdisciplinary approach to health and wellbeing that prioritizes prevention, management, and treatment.

Post-pandemic expectations from employees are wider in scope than they were previously; employees are demanding more from their employers. They expect organizations to demonstrate a commitment to caring through workplace wellness programs. This report validates Wellness Coaches’ innovative Whole Person Health programming.

To access Wellness Coaches’ library of research papers, including our latest publications, Whole Person Health, Mental Health First Aid, please visit our reports page.