Why Wellness Coaches?

Because we produce the best outcomes by combining the power of our impactful providers, smart technology, and proven services.

What Makes Us Different?

What makes us different is our unwavering commitment to people – the people that work for our growing company and every single person we serve. Although we boast about our patented technology and second-to none-clinical services, our people are what set us apart from the rest. We’re not just talking about our front-line Coaches and Registered Dietitians. We are also talking about the people that enable our Coaches and RDs to do what they do. From operations and IT to marketing and sales to human resources and finance, each team member’s role adds up to the greater whole.

We aren’t telling you what we think, we’re telling you what we know based on the measured outcomes of our programs, the length of our client relationships, the feedback from employee populations and the morals that are near and dear to our hearts. Although we are a premier provider in the healthcare industry today, Wellness Coaches is, and always will be, a team of people serving people.


Our Culture

Everyone from the leadership team all the way up to the front line, facilitate the autonomy, flexibility and self-motivation needed for individuals to create and innovate. Because of that, when we come together as a team, we accomplish things that others may see as impossible. We know that human beings crave a sense of belonging, value, and recognition and that is why our contemporary culture is designed to provide that to everyone. Regardless of title, you won’t find managers, directors, and members of the c-suite here, you will find leaders, mentors and subject matter experts ready to collaborate and do great work – together.

Our leaders

Amber Boyer


As the Vice President of Client Services and Solutions, Amber’s responsibilities include developing and customizing Wellness Coaches products, solutions, and service delivery strategies. She oversees client services, content development, and companywide training.

Bill Haase, MBA


Bill is an accomplished finance and accounting executive with extensive expertise in budgeting, forecasting, accounting, analytics, operations, leadership and development, sales and human resources partnering. As our CFO, Bill is responsible for managing the finance and accounting divisions and assists the CEO with forecasting, cost-benefit analysis, and obtaining funding.

Krista Yoder Latortue


Joining Wellness Coaches in 2020, Krista is responsible for overseeing the Wellness Coaches Nutrition Services Division and the team of Registered Dietitians.

Gene McGuire


Gene joined Wellness Coaches in 2002 as one of the company’s managing partners. He is responsible for interfacing with broker partners and client companies across the United States. He plays a key role in connecting companies with health management solutions to support the needs of their employee populations.

Kristen Oakes, DNP, FNP-BC, NNP-BC


With 12 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Dr. Kristin Oakes has held leadership positions in a variety of clinical platforms spanning primary care, rehabilitation, intensive care, operations, management, and compliance. As our CCO, Dr. Oakes provides leadership and oversight for all clinical programs and initiatives.

Danny Patterson


As the CTO, Danny is primarily responsible for leading the development and innovation of our technology platform, Healthy Ways®. Danny oversees the product team, including engineering, quality assurance, support, content and product operations. Danny brings 20+ years of experience in the development of innovative technology platforms and managing diverse teams of technical talent.

Rob Putnam


Rob has been a part of Wellness Coaches since it was founded in 2002. Originally serving as the CFO, Rob was promoted to both CFO and COO in 2004. He became President & CEO in 2019. Under his leadership, WC has grown from 5 employees in 2002 to now over 200. Rob is a member of the board of directors and is the main point of communication between the board and company operations.

Justin Thomas


Justin joined Wellness Coaches in 2006. As the COO, he oversees daily operations and the executive team. Justin is responsible for designing and implementing business strategies, plans and procedures. He also sets comprehensive goals for performance and business growth and evaluates performance, data analytics, and metrics.

Kris Wood


With 29 years of innovative business leadership, Kris plans a visionary expansion of Wellness Coaches, which will capitalize on the company’s existing strengths in the wellness, safety and injury prevention, and nutrition sectors while bringing comprehensive healthcare services to our portfolio.

Why We Do What We Do

Our “why” hinges on the personal experiences that drive our purpose of helping people become better versions of themselves. Whether treating a condition, becoming more active or eating better food is something that someone desires, we know that desire alone doesn’t necessarily lead to positive action. Wanting to do something or knowing we must make a change is just the beginning of any journey. What makes the difference is the patience and purposeful nature of professional supporters who care and understand the struggles that any lifestyle change can bring.