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Transforming the way healthcare services are delivered.

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Wellness Coaches is transforming the way healthcare services are delivered. We have demonstrated, over the past 15 years, across hundreds of client locations, and with millions of employee interactions, that our personalized onsite coaching model produces best-in-class engagement rates, risk reduction, and health improvement outcomes.


Wellness Coaches has shown the most successful way to drive engagement and help employees improve their health is through one-on-one onsite coaching. Achieving over 85% engagement rates is the only pathway to help you create a culture of health and well-being.

Engaging over 85% of eligible employees over the past 15 years.

Risk Reduction

Our highly trained, caring and experienced Wellness Coaches approach every coaching interaction with the tools, skillset, and intention to reduce the risk factors that lead to poor health, chronic illness, and injuries. We work closely with each employee to set and achieve their individualized wellness goals.

Reducing high risk blood pressure employee population by 75%.

Improving BMI for 76% of coached employees.

Coaching more to reduce two or more risk areas by 49%.


Our coaching model focuses on the critical prevention-based levers of health and wellness to decrease expensive chronic care costs that are most often associated with hospital visits.

$117 average RX cost per script with coaching, versus $175 average RX cost per script with no coaching.

Reducing medical and RX claims by 27% in three targeted employee populations.