Our Approach is designed to meet the needs of employees across a diverse array of industries, job types and work environments. Our onsite coaching model delivers programs to inspire action, but extends beyond to lasting behavior change and creating cultures of Health and Wellbeing.

At Wellness Coaches, we drive industry leading employee engagement (>85%), meet people where they are to change behaviors, and work with executive leadership teams to transform cultures of wellbeing.

  • We proactively interact with employees, in meaningful ways, to stimulate interest and awareness. We encourage client-centered dialogue which means our coaches can connect with everyone, not just those who are ready for action and highly interested in health and safety.
  • We use an innovative, progressive and evidenced-based coaching methodology which is distinguished from the traditional health education, expert model to move employees along the stages of change to successfully achieve behavior change and health risk reductions.
  • We engage high numbers of employees, coach them to better align their behaviors with their values and transform their lives, which stimulates a wave of energy that transforms cultures.

Our onsite model delivers industry leading employee engagement rates and is non-disruptive to the work environment. We bring resources to where your employees work to be most effective and we coordinate all health and wellness resources to maximize your investment.

Our Coaching Support Platform

Coaching Methodology & Behavior Change Skill Set Training

Classes, Conference Calls, Webinars, Mentoring, & Site Visits

Continuous Coach Skill Set Testing, Exams & Assessments

Coach Benchmark Analytics & Review

Coaching Best Practice Evaluations & Training

Coaching Scope of Practice Protocols

StageCoach™ Data Entry Compliance & Quality Control

Proprietary Coaching Tools & Resources

Proprietary Programs, Seminars, Lunch & Learns, etc.

Annual HIPAA Related Coach Compliance, Training & Testing

We’re always looking for great talent!

View job openings here.

We’re always looking for great talent!

View job openings here.