Clinical Services

From flu shots and vaccines to biometric screenings and smoking cessation, employees need our support now more than ever.

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Virus and Flu Shot Clinics

Employees need our support now more than ever to overcome the barriers that are preventing them from being the healthiest version of themselves. Let Wellness Coaches help you drive lower healthcare costs with a turnkey, in-person, flu vaccination clinic. Our onsite flu shot is covered under many health plans.

Improve your workforce health by helping prevent employees from getting the flu and reduce absences due to illness. Most importantly, reinforce a supportive company culture by showing your employee population that they are respected and appreciated.

Due to high demand, we request 6-8 weeks notification; this helps you with securing your preferred date and to effectively promote the flu shot clinic.


Our virus and flu shot services are all inclusive. In addition to the vaccine and all supplies needed to administer it, we provide a dedicated account manager, a free online scheduler and the nursing staff needed to administer the shot.

Simple & Professional

We’re not just a wellness company, we are your trusted and responsive partner known for being quick, flexible and experienced. Our licensed clinical staff is standing by now.

Service All
50 States

With more than 5,000 professional staff available, we’re improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of employees through 500+ corporate partnerships spanning all 50 states.

Scheduling your virus and/or flu shot clinic is as easy as 1,2,3!

Step One – Contact Gene McGuire: or 484-571-7178

Step Two – Pick the date and Time and we will provide you with promotional materials.

Step Three – Spread the word to your population. Employees will then sign up to connect with a nurse onsite to receive the flu vaccination.

Biometric Screenings

Establish health baselines to be used to evaluate risk for a variety of health issues, many of which can be prevented through early detection & lifestyle changes.

Why Biometric Screenings are Important

A biometric screening offers a clinical evaluation of a patient’s important health scores. Biometric screenings establish a baseline to help patients test their risk for various health issues. Many of these issues could prove life threatening and can be prevented through early detection.


  • BMI, blood pressure, body fat percentage, cholesterol and glucose levels
  • On-site and off-site screenings
  • Professional Staff
  • Physician submission services
  • Lab Vouchers also available

On-site Nursing Services

Establish health baselines to be used to evaluate risk for a variety of health issues, many of which can be prevented through early detection & lifestyle changes.

Why On-site Nursing Services are Important

Today onsite nurses are a source of health, safety, and wellness information due to the wide range of services they provide including: First aid and continual assessment of all work and non-work-related injuries.

  • Site Compliance
  • Testing Administration
  • Protocol Implementation
  • Full-cycle care
  • Triage care, CPR, First Aid and more