Healthy Ways

Introducing Healthy Ways®

See how our digital health platform with patented technology has reimagined what a well-being platform can do for the health and safety of employees and employers.

Healthy employees make for a healthy organization, and increasingly, companies are seeing employee wellness as corporate social responsibility. To that end, more and more companies are seeking ways to boost employee health and increase access to wellness services. One key method is by providing a robust digital health platform, such as Healthy Ways®, which is powered by medical professionals. Healthy Ways® delivers a multitude of health and wellness resources such as Registered Dietitians, smoking cessation support, injury prevention coaching, and an enormous, curated library of customized and personalized health content. When individual health improves, employee population health improves, and this drives productivity, boosts morale, and makes for a more positive work environment. Learn more about digital health from the Food and Drug Administration.

Actionable Data Analytics

Healthy Ways® makes other health data work harder—whether it’s wearable devices, claims, labs, biometrics, or other 3rd party information—all external data sources can plug-in to make our app smarter and deliver relevant information to participants faster. This all feeds into the unique, real-time participant experience.

Next-Gen Technology

Healthy Ways®’ patented technology delivers a personalized experience that’s enabled by our sophisticated rules engine comprised of over 3500 algorithms. With each interaction, the participant’s unique profile becomes smarter, delivering the right content at the right time to the exact person.

Best-In-Class Coaches

Wellness Coaches is transforming the way healthcare services are delivered. Best of all, engagement and outcomes soar by pairing our patented technology with the human touch of trained Coaches and Registered Dietitians with virtual or on-site service delivery.

Measurable Performance

Your custom administrative dashboard is a rich source of live, real-time data. You’ll be empowered with insights about your employees through easy to understand and interpret analytics reports you can leverage for the benefit of your organization.

Healthy Ways app

Download the Wellness Coaches app

In addition to desktop accessibility, our app allows you to support your overall health on the go on any mobile device.

Healthy Ways® inspires total health and well-being while improving outcomes and lowering healthcare costs. We combine the power of onsite services and virtual accessibility, with an interactive engagement platform—all of which are wrapped around robust data and analytics capabilities.

Reminders and Encouragement to Take Action

Sometimes we make commitments or schedule appointments and when the time comes to follow through, our busy lives prevail and our intentions go by the wayside.

Healthy Ways ensures more individuals take critical actions such as scheduling that annual check-up, or following through on a healthy commitment such as cooking a new recipe, spreading positivity or reviewing financial health with a professional. Our reminders feature provides one more layer of support to ensure you cook that new recipe, call that long-lost friend or keep annual check ups top of mind.

Smart Technology Healthy ways reminders

Best-in-Class Digital Health Platform

A robust digital health platform can serve as the cornerstone for achieving individual health, employee population health, and organizational health. When choosing the right digital health platform, it is essential to ensure that it delivers all of the following features:

best digital health platform
  • Human touch; medical and health care professionals should form the backbone of any program
  • Accessibility (i.e., in-person, virtual, and digital services)
  • Real-time insights and analytics to measure progress, trends, outcomes and performance
  • A fully personalized, customized experience for each participant based on individual interests, needs, and risk profiles
  • Compatibility with other health apps and wearable devices
  • A smooth interface that captures data from all sources; health claims, Rx, biometrics, labs, coaching, EMR’s and assessments
  • Flexible, scalable, integrated solutions that support all aspects of health and wellness
  • Fresh, updated, relevant content and information
  • Single-source platform for condition management, clinical care, nutrition services, injury prevention, biometrics, lab services, mental health, coaching, and wellness
  • 100% HIPAA compliance
Healthy Ways