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Mental Health and Wellbeing

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  • How Mental Health First Aid helps organizations support employees
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We Believe Mental Health and Wellbeing is Important:

Our coaches are certified in Mental Health First Aid by the National Council for Mental Wellbeing. They can can recognize the signs and symptoms of mental illness and substance abuse. Most importantly, they are ready to educate on available help, referring people to appropriate professional services and resources. They combine calming language with de-escalation techniques to triage a potential mental health emergency.

Our Approach

We deploy highly trained wellness coaches to our customers’ workplaces to connect with and coach all employees, in-person and virtually. Our Mental Health First Aid approaches followes the ALGEE Model.

A- Approach

Approach, assess for risk of suicide or harm.

L – Listen

Listen non judgementally.

G – Give

Give reassurance and information.

E – Encourage

Encourage appropriate professional help.

E – Encourage

Encourage self help and other support strategies.

Why Health and Wellness Coaching is Important

Health and Wellness Coaching harnesses the power of coaching to inspire and move entire populations to improved health, safety, and quality of life.

  • We have consistently reduced high risk blood pressure populations by 75% and improved BMI for 88% of coached populations.
  • We have consistently cut medical and RX claim costs by 27% in coached employee populations.
  • We have consistently achieved engagement rates of 85% across all employee risk populations.

Virtual Support

Some of the key highlights of our Virtual Coaching platform include:

One-on-One Support

Messaging and
In-Person Meetings


Extended Reach of On-site Coaches

Champion your employees’ health and wellness.