Find out if your plan covers onsite coaching in the workplace.

Find out if your plan covers onsite coaching in the workplace.

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Wellness Coaches is transforming the way healthcare services are delivered. We have demonstrated, over the past 15 years, across hundreds of client locations, and with millions of employee interactions, that our personalized onsite coaching model produces best-in-class engagement rates, risk reduction, and health improvement outcomes.


Wellness Coaches has shown the most successful way to drive engagement and help employees improve their health is through one-on-one onsite coaching. Achieving over 85% engagement rates is the only pathway to help you create a culture of health and well-being.

Engaging over 85% of eligible employees over the past 15 years.

Engaging over 85% of eligible employees over the past 15 years.

Risk Reduction

Our highly trained, caring and experienced Wellness Coaches approach every coaching interaction with the tools, skillset, and intention to reduce the risk factors that lead to poor health, chronic illness, and injuries. We work closely with each employee to set and achieve their individualized wellness goals.

Reducing high risk blood pressure employee population by 75%.

Improving BMI for 76% of coached employees.

Coaching more to reduce two or more risk areas by 49%.


Our coaching model focuses on the critical prevention based levers of health and wellness to decrease expensive chronic care costs that are most often associated with hospital visits.

$117 average RX cost per script with coaching, versus $175 average RX cost per script with no coaching.

Reducing medical and RX claims by 27% in three targeted employee populations.

Case Studies


Mid-market Law Firm that specializes in Litigation, Real Estate, Employment, Corporate, and Bankruptcy. Firm has four primary offices extending from New York to Florida with approximately 50 attorneys and less than 100 total employees.


Most attorneys are over 100% billable and often at client locations. The Firm was looking to add a low cost – high impact employee benefit to improve the health and wellbeing of its staff and enhance the overall culture of the Firm.


Proactive coaching approach in terms of meeting attorneys before and after normal work hours. Couldn’t disrupt client work nor impact billable hours. Drove awareness through lunch and learns, table events, competitions and programs, and special activities (stretch sessions and guided meditations).

Results to Date:

85% of employees have had at least one individualized interaction

50% of employees have had a blood pressure or body composition screening

15 pounds is the average weight loss per engaged employee


Full service Law Firm that advises clients in a wide range of matters including professional liability, casualty, health law, employment, and workers’ compensation matters. Firm has twenty full service office locations throughout the country with approximately 500 attorneys and more than 1,000 total employees.


Communicating and engaging all employees in the benefits of Nutrition Counseling and defining the right process that works for a decentralized Firm with 20 locations.


Placed Registered Dietitians in their Philadelphia and NJ offices to provide Nutritional Counseling services for all attorneys and support employees. The Firm used its IBX Wellness Credits to jump start the process. We will be conducting stress management presentations and launching weight loss challenges throughout the coming year.

Results in the first 3 months:

65% of employees have had at least one individualized interaction

97 employees had 142 Health
Coaching sessions

295 employees had 333 Educational interactions


A large county municipality, located half-way between New York and Philadelphia, is home to numerous Fortune 500 companies, three universities and world-class healthcare and research facilities. The diversity of the geography and demands of the business / residential community challenge the municipality to deliver diverse services in a place where excellence, innovation and productivity are expected. The municipality consists of 25 distinct locations running over 322 square miles.


Communicating and engaging all employees over a large area with a consistent and individualized coaching experience. Shift work impacts how, when and where employees can engage with their coach.


We used proactive engagement coaching approach to meet employees in their work space. Utilizing existing work space and conference rooms to ensure privacy and HIPPA compliance. Working in collaboration of on-site management to provide programs and one to one private coaching.

Results to Date:

83% of employees have had a wellness consult

2350 employees have engaged in more than 55,000 coaching interactions

625 Employees have lost over 6000 pounds

Over 350 employees have increased their weekly exercise

268 employees have reduced their stress

793 employees have lowered their blood pressure


A world-class academic medical center, based in New York City, is one of the nation’s largest and most comprehensive hospitals and a leading provider of inpatient, ambulatory, and preventive care in all areas of medicine. With some 2,600 beds and more than 6,500 affiliated physicians and 29,000 employees, this medical center sees more than 2 million visits annually.


Communicating and engaging all employees in a fast paced setting without disrupting the workflow for those employees while they deliver world-class onsite patient care. Impacting all employees in health and well-being coaching sessions across a large population spread and across multiple campuses.


Proactive and appointment based coaching approach meeting employees in a private office or in their designated departments before, during, and after their work shifts. Working in collaboration with the medical center’s onsite wellbeing staff to provide programs including Biometric screening coaching, Healthy Holiday Challenge, STEPS Challenge, presentations, and various tabling events. Coaching medical center employees across 8 locations utilizing 10 wellbeing coaches.

Results to Date:

86% of employees have had a wellness consultation

9,848 employees engaged in more than 72,500 coaching interactions

60% of employees coached have had a blood pressure or body composition screening

1,997 employees lost weight with a total of over 14,000 pounds lost

1,431 employees increased their weekly exercise

652 employees reduced their stress level

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