Lowest Rapid Test Price on the Market

Administering Abbott’s $5 BinaxNOW™ 15-minute Rapid Test

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Wellness Coaches is now proudly offering the Abbott Labs BinaxNOW™ rapid test kit to new and existing clients — this game changing technology is exactly what organizations need to get their employees back to work quickly and safely.

The Details:

Lowest price on the market right now. $5 per test kit, plus a low administration cost.

Test administration by our team of authorized healthcare providers with reporting to local and state health departments.

The BinaxNOW™ Rapid nasal swab test detects COVID-19 antigens through high quantities of virus proteins present during an active infection.

97.1% sensitivity rate to active infections with a 98.5% specificity rate for identifying the COVID-19 virus.

Testing administration can be deployed in as little as 72 hours.

Fast, portable, and effective

This credit card-sized, self-contained antigen test detects the virus when people are most infectious.

Need PCR testing in addition to rapid testing? We can help!

Wellness Coaches can also administer confirmatory PCR molecular testing on request, with results in just 30 minutes on-site.

Need COVID-19 Vaccination Administration?

We do that too! Our turnkey vaccine administration program can be customized to your company’s needs and is fully compliant with CDC guidelines.

Ready to Get Back to Business?

Why Choose Wellness Coaches for On-Site Testing?

We’ve been leading the way in on-site Covid testing solutions for commercial and government needs from the beginning, leveraging our nearly 20 years of experiences as a leading provider of field-based testing services.

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  • Experienced & Fully Licensed Staff
  • Full-time Chief Medical Officer
  • Full-time Regulatory Affairs Director