Safety and Injury Prevention Programs

Safety & Injury Prevention

Achieving Health and Safety in the Workplace and Beyond

What You’ll Learn:

  • The Definition of Whole Person Health
  • Why Whole Person Health is an Urgent Priority
  • Why the Safety and Injury Prevention Industry Needs Whole Person Health
  • The Whole Person Health Solution – Lifestyle Modification
  • What to Look for in a Top Tier Whole Health Program
  • Why Health Upholds the Highest Standard for Workplace Health and Safety


“Injury should never be a cost of doing business”
The National Safety Council

Fostering healthy lifestyle choices isn’t the only method of enhancing the wellness of employees and their employers, as incorporating safety programs in the workplace will benefit them greatly too. There is a variety of different programs that Wellness Coaches offer businesses to improve the wellbeing of their employees, but one you may not have considered is workplace injury prevention programs.

After going through whole health programs for construction and warehouse workers, everyone working at your business will receive peace of mind knowing that their work environment is safer than it was before. No matter what industry your company is in, your staff and team will benefit greatly from and appreciate safety programs in the workplace from Wellness Coaches!

Workplace Injury Prevention Program

In order for employees to make the most of safety and injury prevention programs, there is a wide range of encompassing facets that must be thoroughly examined and reviewed. Without covering each and every component of workplace safety and the factors that can contribute to it, then the overall security of a work environment will diminish. Our workplace injury prevention program and injury prevention coaching consist of three core components that encapsulate key elements of workplace safety, which are:


Help employees optimize their personal health by improving risky lifestyle behaviors, since it is clearly established that healthier, more fit employees are safer employees and less likely to incur an injury.

Body Mechanics

Educate and coach employees on the fundamentals of proper body mechanics as related to safe work performance. Body mechanics refers to how one uses their body, in all phases of movement, including standing, bending, lifting, pushing, or even sitting.


Allows us to supplement our proactive approach to injury prevention by coaching employees to recognize a weakness, tightness, or other awareness within the body, thereby allowing us to coach for specific musculoskeletal concerns prior to the issue becoming a more serious and reportable condition..

Why Workplace Safety Coaching is Important

Injury Prevention Coaching helps employers and employees identify and avoid risky workplace behaviors and prevent injury, which can help reduce worker’s comp claims. Some of the noteworthy reasons why safety and injury prevention programs are so beneficial consist of:

  • Nearly 4 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses occur in the workplace annually.
  • Every year, over 4,500 deaths from work-related injuries and illnesses impact American families.
  • $250,000,000,000 is the annual cost of work-related illnesses, injuries, and fatalities.
a worker with an orange safety vest who is happy because she enjoys at healthy workplace at her job

Reach Out to Wellness Coaches for Safety and Injury Prevention Programs

Whether your business seeks whole health programs for warehouse and construction workers or workplace injury prevention programs for the office, Wellness Coaches can help improve the wellbeing of your workplace. Additionally, we can benefit your organization in other ways than just furthering safety and reducing worker comp claims, with our

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