COVID-19 Solutions

Whether you’re supporting an event, a start-up company, industry titan, or a small-scale production crew, protecting your team’s health and well-being is now more important than ever.

Which solution do you need to get back to business? 

COVID-19 Testing 

Antigen Testing

  • Results in 15 minutes
  • Available onsite or via Mobile Lab

PCR Test

  • Administered onsite by registered nurses
  • Optional at-home test kits also available

Serology (Antibody) Test

  • Administered onsite by registered nurses
  • Lab vouchers also available


Temperature Screenings

Onsite Temperature Screenings

  • Onsite screening administered by technicians in full PPE
  • No-touch body surface temperature screenings via thermogun
  • Covered by many health insurance plans

Virtual Daily Symptom Tracker

  • Web-based with reporting and notifications
  • Quick daily questionnaire
  • Return to work monitoring

Advanced Thermal Imaging Kiosk

  • Compact with simple setup
  • Employee screenings in 2-3 seconds

Mass Fever Detection Surveillance System

  • Dual thermal and video camera with accuracy ±0.3°С/±0.6°F
  • Simultaneously analyze up to 30 subjects


COVID-19 Compliance Officer

Process Implementation

  • Develops and implements best practices during COVID-19 and the return to work
  • Leads meetings and trainings for COVID-19 guidelines

Site Compliance

  • Ensures employee and site compliance with CDC and state guidelines for exposure, testing, PPE, hygiene, and social distancing

Data Analysis

  • Monitors, tracks, and reports on-site COVID-19 stats, PPE inventory, and more


Onsite Nursing Services

Site Compliance

  • Same services as the COVID-19 Compliance Officer with the added benefits of:

Test Administration

  • Safely administers test and follows employee health screening requirements
  • Follows CDC temperature monitoring best practices

Protocal Implementation

  • Develops protocols for symptom identification and management

Full-Cycle Care

  • Healthcare guidance and education
  • Reviews testing results
  • Offers triage care, CPR, First Aid, and more


When you’re ready to get back to business safely, we’re here to help.