Planning a Vaccination Event?

We’ll handle administration, start to finish.

COVID-19 Vaccine Administration

Our turnkey solution for COVID-19 vaccine administration services is deployable nationwide in strict adherence to CDC guidelines. Customized solutions are available to meet the site-specific needs of any client eligible to procure the COVID-19 vaccine.

Equipment and Logistics

  • Wellness Coaches handles the full process from pre-registration to registration, vaccination, and observation after receiving the vaccine.
  • Wellness Coaches provides capacity to store, handle, prepare, and administer your vaccine allotment while maintaining the strict requirements defined by vaccine manufacturers and the CDC.
  • Indoor, outdoor, and mobile solutions are available to be deployed directly at employee sites.

Highly Trained Clinical Resources

  • Wellness Coaches has a nationwide network of licensed healthcare professionals who are trained to follow rigorous standards and credentialed to administer vaccines.
  • Healthcare professionals can be deployed quickly to meet clients’ needs for fast turnaround.

Seamless Technology

  • Wellness Coaches provides technology to determine who needs to be vaccinated, capture consent, and allow employees to schedule appointments and receive reminders.

When you’re ready to get back to business safely, we’re here to help.