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Digital vaccine verification and testing for employers.

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Regardless of the January 14 development with the OSHA workplace mandate, many states and workplaces have chosen to require vaccination status and have implemented testing protocols to reduce the spread, and as of January 15, insurance companies must pay for at-home test kits. This means that organizations still need access to reliable providers and a secure supply of materials that allow for rapid testing for employees. Human resources professionals and health and safety officers tasked with ensuring a safe work environment will need to take proactive steps and partner with an established, trusted provider.

Wellness Coaches has the expertise, materials, staffing, and test kit stock for workplace rapid Covid testing to help employee populations remain safe and compliant with state and organizational mandates—whether you require an all-in-one or customizable vaccine verification and corporate Covid testing kit, as Wellness Coaches has you covered.

Bulk OTC Test Kits for the Workplace

We know that COVID-19 state and organization policies vary significantly; that’s why we offer bulk OTC test kits for the workplace and have designed a compliance program to ensure compliance with state and organization COVID-19 policies. It includes workflows for both vaccinated and unvaccinated team members in a single easy-to-use platform.

Our program addresses everything needed for a smooth organization compliance process:

  • Store all team members’ COVID-19 vaccine records and test reporting in one place
  • At-home rapid antigen test kits mailed to as few or as many addresses you require (i.e., bulk ship, distribution centers, or employee’s homes)
  • Virtual test proctoring
  • Weekly test results uploaded
  • Real-time administrative dashboard reporting
  • Manage all end-to-end rapid testing workflows through the platform
  • Immediately deploy rapid testing for employees on-site, if needed

The Best Vaccine Verification System

Easy to Use Platform

Whether you need a one-time event solution or a full-fledged back-to-work solution, our mobile-friendly platform is so much more than a vaccine passport. It is a universal COVID-19 Health Tool that can be used by everyone – vaccinated or not – to show current COVID status wherever they go… right from their phone. Easy, fast, convenient, and a perfect accompaniment to our rapid testing for employees.

Corporate On-Site & At Home Covid Testing for Employees

Whether you are requiring vaccinations or simply increasing awareness of the vaccine status of your employee population, keeping HR and safety professionals at arms-length of the process is smart business. Let Wellness Coaches handle the process for you with our corporate on-site and at-home Covid testing for employees and workforce compliance program.

Our platform is a unique digital tool that verifies everyone’s health while keeping all of us safer as we travel about. It is safe, secure, and easy to use.

Best in Class On-Site Workplace Testing for Employees

  • We are the leader in administering all the top rapid tests, including Abbott, Quidel, Abbott ID Now and Beckton Dickinson. We also offer the rapid molecular tests including CUE, and Accula. We also Have Laboratory PCR and saliva testing. NOTE: Due to high demand, quantities and brands may vary at any given time.
  • Turnkey pre-registration and on-site testing.
  • All supplies, biohazard disposal, reporting requirements for CDC and state
  • URL registration and email results

At-Home Test Kits

  • We partner with industry leading laboratories to offer the top at-home test kits such as Acon Flowflex, Celltrion, On/Go, iHealth and Quidel QuickVue. NOTE: Due to the high demand for test kits, quantities and brands vary at any given time.
  • Retail transaction only – you buy, we ship
  • P.O. or confirmed order via email needed to generate invoice; no contract
  • Shipping cost additional

Ready to Get Back to Business?

Workforce Compliance Program

Our program addresses everything needed for a smooth compliance process:

  • Store all team members’ COVID-19 vaccine records and test reporting in one place
  • Manage all end-to-end rapid testing workflows through the platform
  • Procure and ship OTC at-home test kits to employees’ homes or worksites
  • Healthcare Professionals available to observe employee-administered OTC test kits
  • Immediately deploy rapid testing on-site, if needed

Why Choose Wellness Coaches for Vaccine Verification and Workplace Testing for Employees?

We’ve been leading the way in on-site Covid testing solutions for commercial and government needs from the beginning, leveraging our nearly 20 years of experiences as a leading provider of field-based testing services.

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Experienced & Fully Licensed Staff
  • Next Generation Technology
  • Program Coordination

Wellness Coaches offers many other services in addition to our workplace rapid Covid testing for the workplace that can greatly improve the wellbeing of your employees. Some of our other programs include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your compliance program include a mobile app?

Yes, is mobile friendly and available for iOS and Android devices.

Is your Program HIPAA compliant?

Yes, HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified.

Is the upload of information secure for the platform?

Yes, all information is protected.

Can my employees upload their vaccine cards or negative test results themselves?

Yes, employees can upload either their vaccine cards or negative test results themselves.

Does the platform have full employer reporting capability?

Yes, a real-time reporting dashboard is available to employers.

What is the minimum contract length?

We ask for a minimum 3-month contract.

What is the lead time needed for starting a program?

A week to 10 days.

For the testing kits, how many come in a box?

Each box contains two tests.

When you’re ready to get back to business safely, we’re here to help.