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Vaccine Verification Services

As leaders in workplace solutions, Wellness Coaches can verify vaccine status of any roster you provide. The information is held in secure, privacy-protected software, and individual status is then reported back to you in strict adherence to current EEOC guidelines.

Whether you are requiring vaccinations or simply increasing awareness of the vaccine status of your employee population, keeping HR and safety professionals at arms-length of process is smart business. Let Wellness Coaches handle the process for you. Get our quick-start guide.

Digital Vaccine Verification

With our Healthy Ways digital platform, employees can use the app to upload vaccine cards (or medical/religious exemptions) and company approved ID. Our healthcare staff takes it from there by verifying the information and generating a digital pass through the app to their smartphone.

The process is as simple as 1-2-3:

1. Download the app.

2. Upload vaccine card and identification.

3. We take it from there.


dashboards and Incentives

Dashboards and Incentives

As an employer, you can access population status using a real-time dashboard, or data can be shared through an API or other HIPAA approved system.

You can even add Incentives to the process. Your employees will enjoy claiming incentives through the app instantly using our integrated gift card fulfillment capability.

Vaccine verification girl with phone

Real-time Updates and Push Notifications

If verified booster shots are needed in the future, Healthy Ways has you covered. Our process tracks the type and date of each vaccine administered. This enables Healthy Ways to send friendly reminders to employees informing them when/if they are eligible for boosters. Employers are also notified if employees are no longer compliant with company vaccination policies.

Customized Content

As part of our vaccination verification experience, your employees will get vaccine related articles and information from our vast library of content to print and share or just read on an iPhone, desktop or tablet. You, as the employer can even serve your own content, reminders, tools or resources. Want to private label or add your employer logo and colors? Healthy Ways can do that too.

Get Started Today

To learn more about our affordable, app-based, digital vaccine verification system through our proprietary digital platform or our testing and vaccine administration services, contact Lisa Frappolli: or (973) 229-0607

We can give you a live demo, send you more information or simply set you up to get started today. Don’t wait. Your employees are counting on you.

Vaccine Administration

Equipment and Logistics

  • Wellness Coaches handles the full process from pre-registration to registration, vaccination, and observation after receiving the vaccine.
  • Wellness Coaches provides capacity to store, handle, prepare, and administer your vaccine allotment while maintaining the strict requirements defined by vaccine manufacturers and the CDC.
  • Indoor, outdoor, and mobile solutions are available to be deployed directly at employee sites.

Highly Trained Clinical Resources

  • Wellness Coaches has a nationwide network of licensed healthcare professionals who are trained to follow rigorous standards and credentialed to administer vaccines.
  • Healthcare professionals can be deployed quickly to meet clients’ needs for fast turnaround.

Seamless Technology

  • Wellness Coaches provides technology to determine who needs to be vaccinated, capture consent, and allow employees to schedule appointments and receive reminders.


Best in Class Rapid Onsite Tests

  • We have experience with all the top rapid tests, including Quidel, Abbott ID Now, Beckton Dickinson, CUE, and Accula.
  • We have also been trained to administer the new Abbott BinaxNOW test.

Onsite & At-Home PCR Testing

  • We partner with industry leading laboratories to offer the top PCR testing platforms such as CareStart and BinaxNow at home test kits

Temperature Screenings

Onsite Temperature Screenings

  • Onsite screening administered by technicians in full PPE
  • No-touch body surface temperature screenings via thermogun
  • Covered by many health insurance plans

Virtual Daily Symptom Tracker

  • Web-based with reporting and notifications
  • Quick daily questionnaire
  • Return to work monitoring

Advanced Thermal Imaging Kiosk

  • Compact with simple setup
  • Employee screenings in 2-3 seconds

Mass Fever Detection Surveillance System

  • Dual thermal and video camera with accuracy ±0.3°С/±0.6°F
  • Simultaneously analyze up to 30 subjects

Compliance Officer

Process Implementation

  • Develops and implements best practices during the pandemic and the return to work
  • Leads meetings and trainings for pandemic guidelines

Site Compliance

  • Ensures employee and site compliance with CDC and state guidelines for exposure, testing, PPE, hygiene, and social distancing

Data Analysis

  • Monitors, tracks, and reports on-site pandemic-related stats, PPE inventory, and more

Onsite Nursing Services

Site Compliance

  • Same services as the pandemic Compliance Officer with the added benefits of:

Test Administration

  • Safely administers test and follows employee health screening requirements
  • Follows CDC temperature monitoring best practices

Protocal Implementation

  • Develops protocols for symptom identification and management

Full-Cycle Care

  • Healthcare guidance and education
  • Reviews testing results
  • Offers triage care, CPR, First Aid, and more

Pandemic Preparedness for Businesses Online Training

Manager Curriculum Topics Include:

  • Understanding & mitigating legal risks
  • Understanding new DOL paid sick leave laws (FFCRA)
  • Overview of HIPAA, OSHA, ADA, EPA, & EEOC compliance
  • Adapting operations to reduce costs and increase profits
  • PPE, physical distancing, screening, and sanitizing procedures

Employee Curriculum Topics Include:

  • Fundamental understanding of PPE and proper use
  • Resources for mental health issues and support
  • Importance of privacy, self-reporting, and screening
  • Protocols for testing positive or showing symptoms

Program Details

  • 6-hour Manager Curriculum
  • 2.5-hour Employee Curriculum
  • Manager curriculum earns 0.6 CEU/ 1 ABIH CM Points
  • Employee curriculum earns 0.2 CEU

When you’re ready to get back to business safely, we’re here to help.