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  • Condensed easy to read articles about topics that matter
  • Relevant topics with meaningful messages that inspire action
  • Attractive graphics to trigger curiosity and interest
  • Print version printed on recycled paper


  • Add your logo or full title/masthead
  • Customize the cover
  • Promote relevant programs, benefits and partners (EAP, incentive programs, challenges, carrier resources etc.)
  • Fully custom content/design

Choose from 3 Customization Options:

  1. Add your logo. Personalize with your brand and promote any website or program on the overhang tab for monthly visibility.
  2. Highlight your benefits programs and vendor partners. Feature the programs and resources you want your population to use on the inside back cover page.
  3. Add your events, dates or messages. Utilize the monthly calendar grids or add incorporate your culture with your photos.

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Numerous Healthy Living Programs for Organizations

No matter what industry your company is in, Wellness Coaches has a wide range of corporate health, wellness, and nutrition programs to help you improve the wellbeing of your staff. Some of the employee health and wellness programs we can provide your workplace with include the following services: