Why Wellness Coaches?

Combining the power of smart technology, human interaction and a full complement of clinical services.

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Why Wellness Coaches?

Wellness Coaches delivers affordable healthcare services and exceptional results through the power of human interaction and technology and data analytics solutions.

Comprehensive, customized and integrated health services to meet the unique needs of every employer and their employees.

Easy to access, all solutions are delivered to the employee either onsite at the workplace or virtually at home.

Unique combination of solutions covering clinical, physical, nutritional and emotional needs.

Many solutions are covered by your health plans.

Why Wellness Coaches?

Since 2002, we have delivered industry leading outcomes and ROI through personalized support and comprehensive, integrated, and customized health and safety solutions for employers. As one of the largest and most experienced wellness, nutrition, and injury prevention service providers in the workplace, we offer high-quality services onsite and virtually wrapped around a host of technology enabled capabilities to assure everyone receives that personalized and human touch.

We have leveraged decades of experience deploying healthcare professionals nationwide and have expanded our solutions to help businesses address the health and safety of their employees during COVID-19. Our COVID-19 solutions include testing, vaccine administration, nursing services, training, compliance, and other screening services.

Service All 50 States

deploying COVID-19 solutions on location.

250,000 Employees

currently being coached toward their health goals.

500+ Corporate Partnerships

for virtually every industry and employers of all sizes.

Total Healthcare Solutions

Our services cover every aspect of your organization’s health and well-being. Given the impact COVID-19 has had, these services are now more important than ever before.

Our solutions are comprehensive, customized, and integrated to help you maximize engagement in health and safety and reduce population health risks and workplace injury.

Many of our services can be covered under your health plan.

We provide robust reporting and data analytics capabilities that capture and validate outcomes including employee engagement, health, and injury risk reduction, as well as corresponding cost savings.

Personalized Health and Injury Prevention Coaching:

Our professionally trained Coaches integrate into your existing workflows and environment to support and coordinate all wellness initiatives, deliver high quality programming, and provide personalized one-on-one support for improved population health and safety. Service strategies are customized to achieve your organizational objectives and meet the unique needs of your population.

Nutrition Services:

Our licensed Registered Dietitians (RD) are easily accessible to help individuals take advantage of our suite of evidenced-based nutrition services which are a covered preventive benefit under many health plans. Participants receive a highly personalized, one-on-one experience to optimize their immunity, manage disease conditions (i.e., diabetes and obesity), and develop an overall healthier lifestyle through improved nutrition.

Clinical Services:

Whether on-site or remote, our impactful providers work together with organizations to deliver the compassionate and excellent care that your people deserve! Our customized clinical programs are designed with rigorous protocols and have the capability to cover 100% of your organization’s needs. Our comprehensive, data-secured approach allows each participant to proactively check their health enabling your population to lead healthier, more productive lives.We are CLIA certified, follow HIPAA guidelines and adhere to all state regulations.

  • Immunization Events
  • Biometric Screenings
  • Primary Care

Virtual Technology Solutions:

All of our Coaching and Registered Dietitian (RD) services are available both onsite and virtually via our Healthy Ways platform. Healthy Ways makes it easier and more enjoyable to actively participate in wellness – from accessing a Wellness Coach or RD via digital messaging and video conferencing, to receiving valuable health resources, participating in wellness challenges, and syncing wearable devices to view progress towards health goals. Our platform also offers fully customizable incentive management, a comprehensive Health Risk Assessment with personalized results, biometric screening data, and reporting.

Tobacco and Smoking Cessation:

QuitNet is the longest running, clinically validated online community for tobacco cessation. Our platform is powered by trained coaches who specialize in tobacco cessation. It offers tobacco users the opportunity to connect with a community designed just for them, receive personalized coaching via digital messaging and video conferencing, access valuable resources to support their quit, and conveniently order Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) delivered directly to their home.

Wellness Coaches features a myriad of total healthcare resources ranging from COVID-19 turnkey solutions to our best-in-class and expanded list of Continuing Care programs. As our product offerings and technology enabled solutions evolve, we continue to preserve the human element and personalized touch that ensures a superior customer experience and delivers lasting results.

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